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Spring Forward - Daylight Savings Time

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Clocks across the country will spring forward one hour this upcoming Sunday morning for the annual Daylight Savings Time occurrence. While many would choose to leave well enough alone, others enjoy the time switch because it extends an extra hour of daylight for all to enjoy.

Have you ever wondered who came up with the spring forward and fall back plan? Well, in 1784 it was none other than Benjamin Franklin. Franklin was a French ambassador and noticed while he was on a trip he was always waking up to the sun every morning at 6am. This, of course, is something he was not accustomed to and quite frankly, got him excited about many possibilities for those who were thrifty.

Franklin was quite a frugal fellow. He immediately thought of ways adding an extra hour could save money. For instance, Franklin liked the idea of retiring to bed an hour early and waking up an hour early to save money on candle usage which was a good portion of someone’s budget.

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*DST information received from Brian Handwerk from National Geographic

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