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Ivy League, Yes, Indeed!

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Steeped in history and tradition, the oxford shirt has made its mark in the apparel industry. Originally, the shirt was made in the 19th century by a fabric mill who developed four shirt fabrics named after ivy league universities. The other fabrics Yale, Cambridge, and Harvard have since vanished while the classic, long-lived oxford continues to be a staple in every wardrobe.

While many trends in the fashion industry come and go, the one essential that has remained the same is the oxford button-down. The oxford provides the perfect, clean look making it very popular in school dress codes. They are the textbook dress item for chapel days, pairing it with a custom school tie for the guys and the female-cut oxford is super spiffy with a school plaid skirt or skort.

With graduation and promotion ceremonies just around the corner, visit us at Educational Outfitters | Academic Outfitters, your premier, school apparel provider so your favorite student can have a fresh oxford to sport with their well-deserved diploma! Not to mention our oxfords are wrinkle-free….wash, dry and everyone is out the door in no time. No iron, yes! Now, that’s music to almost any parents ears. Congratulations graduates and parents!

April Fool's Day - No Joke!

In spite of having no official recognition, April 1st has long been acclaimed for celebrating pranks, tricks, and just foolishness in general. As dearly as some enjoy making our family and friends feel like ‘fools’, there’s not much more than speculations and theories as to where the day originated.Discovery News suggests the most general widespread theory about the earliest [...]

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Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the air and the fever is setting in with many of us as well as our children. With beautiful weather and warm sunny days comes much excitement. Not sure about you, but when we, at Educational Outfitters, think of spring, we think of spring cleaning. However, our spring cleaning at the store might be a [...]

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2016 EO Scholarship Contest

EDUCATIONAL OUTFITTERS IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE OUR 2016 SCHOLARSHIP CONTEST!As a national leader in school apparel solutions, Educational Outfitters’ vision is to partner with schools and families to advance their missions. We honor the sacrifices and commitments which our schools and families put forth for their children, and we consider it a blessing and privilege to come alongside you as a [...]

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School Uniforms Rock!

As parents of tweeners and teens, we all know they want to look great and “rock” their clothes, even when their apparel is school uniforms. It’s just a natural occurring phenomenon that goes hand in hand with the cycle of development.Some schools have a very strict dress code with only one color pant, plaid uniform skirt, and embroidered top [...]

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Go Red for Women

Did you know that stroke and heart disease affect1 in 3 women each year? Shockingly, this disease kills approximately 1 woman every 80 seconds. Good news - 80% of these deaths ARE preventable through education and awareness! Heart disease is no longer considered a “mans disease” and according to the American Heart Association, more women than men have died of [...]

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Baby It's Cold Outside!

Baby it’s cold outside! The National Weather Service has issued warnings for parts of our great country in regards to the Artic Blast that is covering the mid-west, sweeping its way eastward and even down into the south.While it would be nice to just cozy up inside under blankets while watching movies, hibernation is not realistic for most [...]

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