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School Uniforms, The Equalizer

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What are some of the first things that come to mind when you think of ‘school uniforms’? Crisp khakis and oxford button-downs or maybe it’s a plaid, pleated skirt. Does your mental image of school uniforms contain ivy-league, academic style buildings with luxury cars in the parking lot?

Not to bust the bubble…..but, reality is school uniforms are not just for exclusive prep schools. School uniforms and dress codes go far beyond the look and their benefits are seen in all types of schools – public, private, parochial, and charter.

Without a doubt, uniforms instill a sense of professionalism in all grade levels. Statistically speaking, uniforms have shown to have a positive impact on academic success. In 2010, the University of Houston performed a study and established that elementary school girls’ language test scores increased by approximately three percentile points after uniforms were introduced into their school (ProCon.org).

No matter the setting, uniforms and dress codes level out and act as a socioeconomic buffer and put all students on an even playing field when it comes to their daily attire. Once uniforms are implemented in schools, the focus can be placed on academics.

We, at Educational Outfitters and Academic Outfitters, a premier provider of school uniform, dress code apparel, spirit wear, corporate apparel, and team wear, want to help you with your school uniform or dress code needs. Each location is individually owned and operated. Your local owner will be there to support you, your parents, students and your entire school community throughout the uniform selection and transition process.  

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