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Spring is in the Air

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Spring is in the air and the fever is setting in with many of us as well as our children. With beautiful weather and warm sunny days comes much excitement. Not sure about you, but when we, at Educational Outfitters, think of spring, we think of spring cleaning. However, our spring cleaning at the store might be a little different than yours at home. While most folks clean out goods and either throw away, sale, or donate gently used items. Here, we spruce up, organize, and receive truckload after truckload of incoming stock to service you, our valued customer.

With spring cleaning, one can include tidying up the children’s closets. If you’re like many parents, you will probably find quite a few uniform items that the children have outgrown tucked away in a corner somewhere. Isn’t it funny how your child’s school uniform shorts fasten one day, you blink, and then they can no longer even pull them up. The plaid skirt that was the perfect dress code length in the fall is now two inches too short!

Freshen up your child’s school uniforms this spring and hop on over to your school uniform company, Educational Outfitters or Academic Outfitters. If you are considering a school uniform or dress code, consider springing forward with Educational Outfitters. We desire not to be just a uniform provider - we want to be a part of your school and our local community. 

Leap with Us

Did you realize your month was about to get one day longer? Yes, indeed! Leap Year is officially Monday, February 29, 2016. How exciting to have 366 days in a year instead of 365!Have you ever wondered why there is a leap year and why is it stuck to the end of February every four years? The [...]

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School Uniforms Rock!

As parents of tweeners and teens, we all know they want to look great and “rock” their clothes, even when their apparel is school uniforms. It’s just a natural occurring phenomenon that goes hand in hand with the cycle of development.Some schools have a very strict dress code with only one color pant, plaid uniform skirt, and embroidered top [...]

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Show the Love

Spirit is alive and well in many schools across the country. However, school pride is not just wearing your school’s colors. It goes much deeper than that – it’s more than just on the surface. Spirit and pride gives the students a sense of belonging to something far greater than themselves. It is extremely contagious and can [...]

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